Why Brandlin Appraisals?


There are many reasons for an appraisal such as buying or selling a home, estate, taxes, foreclosure, refinancing, and pre-listing to name a few. When dealing with these situations you want to be sure that you have made the best decision in choosing the right appraiser, so why Brandlin Appraisals?

In a previous blog we have discussed some of the major things to look for in an appraiser, which are helpful tools when selecting an appraiser. So what makes Brandlin Appraisals stand out from the other appraisers in San Diego County?

Benefits of Brandlin Appraisals

1) Our appraisers will accurately price your home from the start. Putting an overpriced home on the market can slow down the sale of the home. People will look past it, noticing that it is listed higher than the other homes in the neighborhood and wait for the price to drop which will in turn make your days on the market go up that can deter buyers because they assume something is wrong with the property. We can determine the most accurate market value for your property so that you will be able to sell quickly and with as little hassle as possible.

2) We regularly see properties listed with inaccurate square footage measurements. If your square footage is higher than listed on MLS than the price will most likely be lower because you will not be accurately comparing your property to other properties to determine the market value.

On the same idea if you overestimate your square footage than your listing price may be listed high in which case you will get buyers that are unhappy when they have an appraisal done and the square footage is inaccurate. Do not underestimate the importance of providing your buyer with accurate information so they have no reason to question the sale.

3)We are often asked why you need an appraiser if you have already have a listing agent? We believe it is worth your time and money to consider an appraiser for your home needs. There are many agents out there very capable of pricing a home. However, there are many cases where the agent is just trying to make a sale and may not know the neighborhood very well or your property is just not be the average property for your area. In these scenarios we would suggest having an appraiser come out to inspect the property.

An appraiser will consider all of the updates done to the property as well as provide an accurate square footage. By making sure you are starting with the correct information about your property you can find the true market value for your home to make your experience as smooth as possible.

At Brandlin Appraisals we want to make our customers happy and we do this by providing the most accurate information to determine a non-biased market value for your home. By doing this you can feel comfort in knowing you are getting the true value for a property and not have to worry down the line if you made the right decision.

Please contact our office with any questions you may have or to schedule your appraisal appointment at 760-741-7699, brandlinappraisal@yahoo.com or use our contact page on our website.

Brandlin Appraisals Inc. specialize in helping people who need appraisals for estate purposes, divorce, date of death, bankruptcy, FSBO’s and more throughout San Diego county. For more information please contact us at (760)741-7699, or visit our website at Brandlinappraisals.com, or email us at admin@brandlinappraisals.com

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