Appraiser and Agent Relationships

Agents and Appraisers have been rumored to not get along that well, but I would like to crush this rumor by saying this is not always true. Appraisers and realtors can benefit greatly from communicating with each other and I found this to be very true in practice.

The more information the agent can share with the appraiser the better the appraiser can understand the property and determine the best market value. Having said that discussing the value is not allowed so be sure to not share this information to keep it a unbiased appraisal.

I would like to provide a few ways that agents and appraisers can benefit from a good relationship and open communication.

Appraisers tips for Agents

1)Understanding the process- The appraiser can help the agent better understand the appraisal process with education on their process. A simple explanation of how the value is determined can make sure that everyone understands the process.

2)Pre-Listing Appraisals- Take advantage of a pre-listing appraisal so that the property is appropriately listed. The appraiser will appraise the property as if it were for a bank therefore the listed value will more closely match the final appraisal value.

3)Measurement Services- A pre-listing appraisal is not always necessary but sometimes the square footage of the home is in question in which case an appraiser can be hired to accurately measure the home. Most agents do a good job of pricing a home with accurate square footage.

Having the wrong square footage can dramatically change the value of a home which can cause a deal to move very slowly or fall apart all together.

4)Answering Agents Questions- It is not uncommon for agents to call the office regarding files that are not mine asking questions as to how their appraiser came to a value. I am very happy to help agents better understand the appraisal process and they should feel that they can call our office to help them better understand how the appraiser arrived at a value.

Building a relationship with an appraiser you can trust is important so that you can ask any questions you may have to help clarify the report for you.

5)Appraisers and Agents can help each other do a better job- Having an open dialogue between an agent and appraiser can help both the agent do their job better. By sharing information about the property and process both parities will be able to complete their jobs effectively and efficiently.

A good appraiser and agent relationship can only benefit the client. Sharing information and finding a good appraiser that you trust to answer your questions can help the home selling experience much more smooth.



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