Need a San Diego Divorce Appraisal?

A divorce is a difficult and upsetting time for almost everyone involved, there are many things that need to be decided and divided including assets such as real estate property. Often times in divorces the couple decides to sell the home and split the money and occasionally one partner will want to buy the home from the other partner, in both of these instances the market value of the home needs to be known. This is where an appraisal comes into play to help determine the value of the home.

Although it seems there may be other options to determine the value of your home such as using websites such as Zillow, which is generally not accurate, or asking a Real Estate agent for a broker’s opinion of value (BPO), which can provide a more accurate price however, neither of these will be acceptable in court or by a judge.

Some things to know about a divorce appraisal are listed below:

-To begin the appraisal process the marital partners will agree on one appraiser or hire separate appraisers to provide the value of the home.

-The appraisal is generally appraised on an “effective date” that is not on the actual inspection date, such as the filing date, the date of marriage, or date of separation.

-The appraiser will inspect the home and determine the value of the home evaluating the overall condition, roof condition, appliances, upgrades and renovations, view, land value, etc.

-Divorce appraisals are not required to comply with Fannie Mae or UAD guidelines and are generally completed on a non-Fannie Mae form.

-Appraisers are bound to the confidentiality and USPAP requirements during lender and non-lender work. This means that the appraiser cannot disclose any information about the appraisal to any other party other than the client and his/her attorney.

We realize that a divorce is a difficult time for people and we will be sensitive to your situation and respect the confidentiality agreement that we are bound by. Brandlin Appraisal’s will do our very best to make this a fast and easy appraisal process.


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