Real Estate Appraisals: Myths about San Diego Appraisers

There are a few myths about San Diego appraisers that we would like to clear up for you. Listed below are 4 of the most commonly known myths that appraisers are confronted with. 

Myth #1: If you ask an appraiser to appraiser your home in San Diego for a specific value he/she will appraiser your home near or at the price you specified.

False, by hiring an appraiser you are receiving an unbiased opinion, and if you hire an educated and trustworthy appraiser you will receive a true market value for your home.  Also to be noted is that as of 2008 there are new guidelines that do not allow appraisers to discuss the value of the home with the borrower.

Myth #2: The cleanliness of your home will affect the value of your appraisal.

False, keeping a clean house will not affect the appraised price of your home. During the inspection the appraiser does look for items such as chipping paint, missing carpet or tiles, and water damage but these are items that will need to be repaired. However, if  the floors in your home are covered or the appraiser may not be able to walk on them, we suggest you pick up so that the appraiser can inspect your flooring.

Myth #3: San Diego appraisal values are derived from a simple dollar per square foot formula.

False, although it would make things easier there is no formula that will determine the market value of your home. When appraising a property the appraiser must consider many factors such as condition, amenities, lot size, location, bedroom and bathroom count, etc.

Myth #4: The exact dollar amount of upgrades you put into your home will be reflected in the appraised value.

False, although upgrades are mentioned there are some upgrades that will not increase the value of a home, these are considered homeowner preferences. Most often the kitchen and bathroom upgrades will add the most value to your home although just because your spend $20,000 upgrading your kitchen, does not mean that your market value will increase by $20,000. Providing a list of upgrades as well as a cost for the upgrades is helpful for the appraiser however, the dollar amount does not reflect exactly in the appraisal.

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