San Diego Appraisals: How long does an Appraisal Take?


The first part of the San Diego Appraisal is the physical inspection of the property. For a small average San Diego property the inspection could take 15 minutes while a jumbo size complex property could take several hours, but for the average home it usually takes about 25 minutes. This includes the appraiser measuring the entire home including garage, guest homes, storage units, etc. they will also take photos of every room in the home. While they are measuring and taking photos they are also inspecting to make sure that there are no problems with the home such as water damage, frayed wires, mold, termite damage, chipping paint, missing appliances, etc.

The second part of the appraisal involves the appraiser searching your neighborhood and area by driving around and/or using Multiple Listing Service(MLS) and tax records to find similar comparable properties.  Now that the appraiser knows the condition and specifics of the subject property he can find comparable sales that are similar and have closed within the last 6 months – 1 year. This research can take between 30 minutes to several hours depending on how difficult it is to find similar comparable sales. Once he has decided on the comparable sales the appraiser must drive to each property to take a photo of the front. This portion of the appraisal can take anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour depending on the amount of comparable sales and how difficult they are to locate.

The last part of the appraisal is finished in the appraisers office where all of the information gathered is put into a report form. These reports can range from 5 pages to 100 however the average report is about 20 pages. Again depending on the complexity of the report, a 20 page report can take anywhere from 1 ½ to 5 hours to type. Once the typing is completed it is reviewed again and then the final report is sent out. For lender work the appraiser is usually given a due date that can range from 1 to 7 days from receipt of the request. This due date can be changed based on the borrower’s availability for the inspection. For non-lender work there is no specific due date unless the borrower requests one. However in both lender and non-lender work the report is generally submitted with 1 to 3 days after the inspection of the property.


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