San Diego Appraisals: Room Count

The room count of an San Diego appraisal can often confuse property owners, especially if they are not familiar with the guidelines for what is considered a room versus a bedroom. In a typical San Diego appraisal report the room count, bedroom count, and bathroom count are listed. People often are unsure as to what defines a room versus a bedroom and we would like to define what each of these are considered in a San Diego County appraisal.

A bedroom count is considered to be a room with a closet on a level above ground.  These rooms typically add more value to a home than a room that is below ground such as a basement.  There are many rooms in a home but not all of them are considered a room for the purpose of an appraisal. Typically, a laundry room, foyer, enclosed patio, basement, closet (no matter the size), nook, and bathrooms are not considered to be included in a room count.

There are 3 types of bathrooms, full, ½  bath, and ¾ bath. A full bathroom includes a sink, toilet, and bathtub. A ½ bath includes only a toilet and sink, and a ¾ bath has a sink, toilet, and shower, the ¾ bath is often considered a full bathroom.

A room count includes living room, family room, dining room, den, office, recreation room, and bedrooms. More recently people have been removing walls in their homes to make it feel more open which often times can make it difficult to distinguish between rooms such as a living room and dining room. As a general rule to determine if what looks like 1 large room should be considered 2 rooms, such as a dining room and family room there should be enough room to hypothetically insert a wall between these two areas and still be able to use both spaces as separate rooms. If this hypothetical wall results in a lack of utility for one or more of the spaces then it should be considered 1 room.

Although not every room is considered to count as a room in the appraisal almost all of the rooms are still given value if they are permitted and completed in a workmanlike manner. The room, bedroom, and bathroom count are important for an appraisal because it is a main factor in selecting comparable sales. And it is important that the clients understand the room counts so that they can truly understand the appraisal and how comparable sales were selected and value was given to their property.


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