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When buying a home it can often feel like there are countless fees, charges, and payments to make. When appraising a property in San Diego home appraisers often get a question regarding if an appraiser is the same as an inspector and if an inspector is still required after an appraisal. Many homeowners are confused as to why they need both an inspection and an appraisal because they think they are the same and don’t want to pay for both. From first glance it is understandable why so many homeowners think they are the same but once the differences are explained you will better understand how they are different and why both are necessary.


Home appraisals main purpose is to reassure the lender that they are making a sound investment in loaning money for the property. An appraiser is required to have an unbiased opinion and provide the market value for the property. The appraisal will help determine if the lender will lose money and if the buyer is paying above the market value for the property. During the inspection for an appraisal the appraiser will look for noticeable damages to the property such as stains, peeling and chipping paint, leaks, mold, termite damage, floor damage, unfinished or missing elements of the property, etc. The appraiser only mentions these items if they are noticed while walking through the home and generally will be mentioned in the appraisal report for repair, completion, or to request a home inspection to be completed. Overall the purpose of the appraiser is not to determine damages to the property but to provide the value of the home.

A home inspector is trained and certified to provide an examination of the property to determine the condition of the property. The home inspector will crawl through the attics and crawl spaces, inspect the electrical and plumbing systems, the foundation, damage to the roof, etc. This can be very helpful for the buyer so that they are aware of the damage to the property before the purchase is complete. The home inspector does not determine the value of the home but the overall condition of the property.


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