Top Five Reasons Why Appraisers Take Pictures


In the past ten years appraisal requirements have significantly changed. One of these changes includes more detailed photos of the property. The appraiser used to include front, rear, and street photos but now there are many more photos required so that the lenders can see and document what the property looks like. Photographs have become increasingly important in the appraisal report so today we will discuss what photos the appraiser is required to include in the report.

All aspects of the property that can affect the value of the property positively or negatively should be photographed. This can include things inside and outside of the property as well as things located in close proximity of the property. Let me explain in more detail:

  1. All Rooms: The appraiser must take photos of each room of the property. These photos are used to help provide a better description of the property as well as show proof of condition and improvements.
  2. Unique Features: If the property has specific details that make it unique and increase the value such as detailed crown molding, entertainment centers, etc. they need to be documented, again to show the condition of the property to the underwriters to better support the value.
  3. Deferred Maintenance: The appraiser is required to take photos of any parts of the property that need repair such as chipping or peeling paint, termite damage, water damage, stucco repair, health and safety or code violations, etc.  He will most likely make the report “subject to” these items being repaired and complete, he then will go back out to re-inspect and take additional photos.
  4. Exterior Conditions: Exterior factors can also affect the property which is why the appraiser must also include photos of these. Some exterior factors that the appraiser will photograph are views, pools, sports courts, solar panels, high tension power lines, traffic from highway or main roads, etc. Each of which can impact the value positively or negatively and are included to support the value.
  5. Upgrades: If you have upgraded your property you will be happy to hear that the appraiser will be taking photos of the improvements.  Upgraded kitchen or bathrooms can increase the value of the property and should be included in the report. By providing pictures it will give the reader a better understanding of what upgrades have been done and how they support the value.

The appraiser will take photos of each part of your property that he believes may affect the value of the property. Some homeowners feel this is an invasion of privacy but they are required and no one but the appraiser and lender/owner will see these photos.

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