What should you look for to find the best appraiser in San Diego, CA?


Finding the best qualified appraisers can be difficult, there are hundreds of appraisers in San Diego, how do you determine which appraiser to select for your appraisal needs? I do not have a list of appraisers to choose from in San Diego, however I do have specific criteria that you should look for when selecting an appraiser.

Many people searching for an appraiser do not realize that you can interview your appraiser before you hire them. We recommend that you call the office or meet with the appraiser to determine if they are qualified to appraiser your property.

The first thing to ask an appraiser is what their experience is. Most appraisers should be experienced in many types of appraisals such as pre-listing, divorce litigation, pre-purchase, estate planning, private mortgage, insurance valuation, date of death, etc. Be sure that the appraiser frequently completes appraisals for the purpose that you need. Some other ways to check for the experience of an appraiser is to ask how many years they have been an appraising. You could also ask for their license number to ensure they are fully qualified for the job.

Also, it is important to know how long they have been appraising properties in your area. Geographic competence is important because you want an appraiser that is familiar with where your property is located. You can find an experienced appraiser with 20+ years of experience but not familiar with your area. An appraiser with geographic competence of your area will know that subtle differences of your neighborhood. For example a home 4 blocks away that is located in a different school district or is located on a busy road may not be comparable to your property and someone experienced in your area would know this.

I have heard many stories of appraisers coming in from other areas such as Los Angeles and Temecula to appraise properties in San Diego. These appraisers are not familiar with the area and should not be appraising a property where they have little to no experience. So be sure to ask if they are experienced in your area. Many times the out of area will not have access to our local multiple listing service or local title company’s.

The reputation of an appraiser can disclose a great deal about his quality of work. An appraiser should be honest, reliable and provide a quality appraisal to each client. This does not mean that the value will always come in at what the client thinks it should, but that they are receiving a fair and accurate evaluation of the market with an unbiased and supportable value.

If you are using an appraiser for mortgage purposes or through a bank you will not have the option to select your appraiser. However for personal appraisals, all of the above criteria can help you select the right appraiser for you.


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