Who has access to old appraisals?

The only time an appraisal report stays with a property is when it is financed with an
FHA or VA loan. When this type of loan is used a case number is assigned to it, and the
case number follows the property. For instance, if the original contract fell through due
to the contract price being too high and a new contract was written with similar price or
higher. It is possible that the old appraisal could affect the new contract.

Having said that FHA and VA case numbers are cancelled after 6 months so if the
contract goes into effect after that it would not be considered during the transaction. On
the other hand, conventional loans do not have case numbers therefore it would not
follow the property.

Now to answer the concern as to if other appraisers have access to old appraisals. An
appraisal completed for the purpose of a conventional loan or any purpose other than
FHA or VA, is only seen by the person that ordered it and anyone they choose to give a
copy to. An appraiser completing an appraisal on a property will not have access to
previous appraisals unless it was given to them by the person who previously ordered

Appraisals ordered for mortgage purposes are owned by the company that ordered the
appraisal. By law, that company is required to provide the borrower with a copy of the
appraisal. If you went through this process and did not receive a copy of the appraisal
you should request one.

I realize this is not a straight forward answer, a lot can depend on the type of financing
and if people choose to share the previous appraisals. Yes, appraisals completed for the
purpose of FHA and VA will have a case number assigned to them that will stay with the
file, but only for a period and this is not the case for conventional loans. And no,
appraisers do not have access to old appraisals unless the person who previously
ordered one gives them a copy.

I hope this helped and please let me know if you have any further questions regarding
the topic.

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