Estate Planning & Date of Death

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Estate planning can be a difficult process and people often wonder why an appraisal is needed to settle an estate. San Diego Estate Appraisals are requested to determine the market value of the property when the property is transferring ownership due an individual inheriting the property or a death. The appraisal is often requested by an accountant, attorney, or family member for tax purposes.

The appraisal is most often ordered immediately or within a few months of the death and is usually ordered for a date prior to the inspection or retrospective date. The appraiser will determine the value of the property as of the retrospective date instead of the current date so you can see what the property value was at the time of the transfer.

Each estate is different which is why we suggest you ask your accountant or attorney before scheduling the appraisal to determine what type of appraisal you will need. Or if you would prefer we are happy to speak directly with them to determine what appraisal is best for your estate needs.

Our team at Brandlin Appraisals is educated and experienced in estate appraisals and has completed thousands in San Diego County. We understands that there are different needs for each estate appraisal which can make the process complex which is why we do our best to make the process as fast and simple as possible for you.

Mike Brandlin, our senior appraiser has over 25 years of experience with estate and date of death appraisals. He works closely with many attorneys and accountants in San Diego County for all of their estate appraisal needs.

Call us with any question you may have.