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In today’s market valuing your home for a sale can be challenging. It can be difficult to analyze all the available data to determine a fair list price for a property. This is why many homeowners and realtors are depending on appraisers to ascertain the list price for homes all around San Diego County.

Brandlin Appraisals has a long history of helping homeowners and realtors that need additional help in determining the true market value or appropriate list price for homes. We provide professional independent appraisals that are more accurate than a Comparative Market Analysis or CMA often provided by a realtor. A pre-listing appraisal will provide you with the market value of your home as well as help you sell your home.

Beyond just providing the homeowners and realtors with a sensible list price to attract more buyers. The pre-listing appraisal can be used for negotiating purposes, as well as decrease the chances that the buyer will back out of the offer.

Without a pre-listing appraisal there is potential for fewer offers, less money, and wasting time due to a list price that is too high or low. A pre-listing appraisal can help the homeowner and realtor determine the list price and increase the amount of potential buyers so that the homeowner can get top dollar for their property.

Brandlin Appraisals can help you get top dollar for your home by listing your price at its true value. Call us today with an questions or to schedule your pre-listing appraisal today.