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What is a San Diego Real Estate Appraisal used for? // Brandlin Appraisals


A San Diego real estate appraisal is an evaluation of the value of a specific property. An appraisal can be used in many circumstances and for many different people.  The most common reasons real estate appraisals are requested in San Diego County are for purchasing, selling or refinancing a property. Some of the other reasons for an appraisal are divorce, bankruptcy, bail bonds, estate & date of death, financial planning and trust, PMI removal, pre-foreclosure, short sales, tax assessment, pre-listing, pre-purchasing, FSBO’s, and probate appraisals.

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San Diego, California Certified Appraisers

If you are looking for an appraiser in the San Diego area you have probably been told to find a Certified Residential appraiser. In California there are 4 appraiser levels which are trainee (AT), Licensed Residential (AL), Certified Residential (AR), and Certified General (AG).   Read More